Padrão dos Descobrimentos or the Monument to the Discoveries

I love this location because when I was there, I felt alive. Even just standing next to the monument (as I am in the image) is so refreshing thanks to the breeze from the Tagus river. Moreover, the place is very historical – it celebrates the Portuguese Age of Discovery or Age of Exploration during the 15th and 16th centuries where ships departed to explore or trade with India and the Orient. In addition to the main statue of Henry the Navigator, holding a model of a carrack, on both sides of the ramps of the monument, there are a total of 33 figures from the history of the Discoveries. It looks like Henry is leading everyone to discover something new. Each idealized figure is designed to show movement towards the front (the unknown sea), projecting a direct or indirect synthesis of their participation in the events after Henry. Inside the monument, you can learn more about the history of Lisbon and look at several exhibitions. The panoramic view from the top of the monument is breathtaking where you can see the compass rose and mappa mundi in all its glory. Also, you can catch sight of the Belém neighbourhood and its many attractions, including the Belém Tower and the Jerónimos Monastery, which date from the Age of Discovery. I strongly advise anyone who travels to Lisbon to visit this incredible historical landmark. It is definitely worth seeing in real life and a great chill spot (peak the 2 laying heads on the bottom left, they were really enjoying the breeze).