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The Future of Travel?

A Jerry Maguire’esque memo.

The future of travel is an important question, and so relevant again.

As a movie and music lover, allow me to navigate the answer… hands up in advance; I believe in an Oxford comma!

To start, I’m reminded of the exchange between Morpheus and Niobe in the Matrix movie:

“Some things never change”.

We will never change; including our desire to escape, discover and explore. Our fear of FOMO, and our hunger to create new experiences and make amazing memories.

“…And some things do change”.

We are all so aware of how Covid has restricted things so much, and while I’m not a scientist; hopefully the worst is in the rearview mirror. Fingers crossed.

So, separate from that; in the last decade; how we do pretty much anything, including travel, has changed.

Right now, we have a vast ocean of information at our fingertips, on all kinds of places and activities.

Directories, lists, articles, groups and reviews. We now have a dilemma; with all this data and opinion… Why is finding where to go and what to do while abroad still so hard?

I still believe that the most meaningful method is to ask a friend, who may have travelled there before, for their recommendations.

This option isn’t a global solution, and unfortunately, as much as we’d all hope; simply isn’t scalable.

But if we ask ourselves; why is a ‘peer recommendation from our inner circle’ so impactful?

The answer is obvious; our peers know us and are like us, and generally, like the same things as us. All of which means… trust. And trust has influence!

So let’s talk about influence, and the modern phenomenon of ‘influencer marketing’.

It didn’t really exist a decade ago for one; like the shared economy where Airbnb, Lyft etc enabled capital assets to become scalable marketplaces that offer enormous consumer surplus and value.

I see influencer marketing as human capital; and the time, talent and passion that so many of us have, could be one of the biggest resources on the planet.


However, in its current guise; there is an unrealistic, unhelpful and unhealthy focus on the aesthetic, on affluence and unattainable aspiration. And while still growing as an industry, these perceived frictions have certainly limited growth.

Trupe has decided to tear up the current influencer handbook; because we see the ‘real’ latent potential in us all, to correct the dilemmas in modern travel, such as; analysis paralysis due to the varied reviews, countless articles and the ghastly perishable posts in FB groups that become devoured by the ‘feed’. All of these are searching for the same thing:

Anyone know a good place to go “____” (insert activity!)?

We believe the key to unlocking the best in every city, lies with knowledgeable locals.

To that end, our platform is built on both the ‘we’ and ‘passion’ economies.

Where travellers, using our matchmaking AI, can virtually match with ‘real’ in-the-know, talented, local ambassadors (aka trupers) to discover dynamic, relevant, travel-experience playlists, so they can explore just like a local.

It’s safe, simple and fast.

Influencer engagement; done right, ‘direct to consumers’ who share their passions and vibe.

Peer power at its best; that’s scalable.

By validating and digitising this abundant resource of human capital, Trupe is creating a trusted environment where any traveller; be it a golfer, a musician, a family man, or even a lowly tech and movie enthusiast, can discover a flavour of the city that’s as unique as they are.

In tandem, trupers are plugging directly back into their communities, and helping local businesses attract the right kinds of customers; mitigating ransom reviews!

The future of travel is dynamic and community driven, via trust and Trupe.

Have a great WebSummit!

If interested in our vision for the future of travel, drop by stand A119 on Thursday, 4th!

I’m not in a sleepless cold sweat, declaring a new mission statement of “Fewer Clients, Less Money” btw! © Cameron Crowe


Co founder