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Trupe’s Web Summit “Love Lisbon” Contest

Your chance to win a trip to your dream destination is here!

Enter to receive VIP early access to the Trupe app and earn the chance to win a €500 Ryanair voucher!

Only 1 grand prize winner will be selected, so get started today.

We so firmly believe in the spirit of adventure that we want to help someone make their dream vacation/activity/experience a reality.

Best of luck, Trupers!

To Win:

Step 1) Find your trupe! Like @trupeapp on Instagram.

Step 2) Complete the entry form below to get access to the competition web portal. Use the web portal to create a post about your favourite place in Lisbon, Portugal.

Truper Tip: When describing why you love this special spot in Lisbon, use 250 characters or more (Tweet-style).

Lisbon, Arch of Augusta

Step 3) Refer 3 travel-hungry friends to this contest to share the love of Lisbon!

Lisbon, Arch of Augusta

Entries will be accepted through November 3, 2021 by 11:59PM.


Competition Entry Form

The Competition is now closed.